Home Lab, CoreOS, and General Updates

It has been quite a while since my last post and a few things have been happened that deserve a mention. In no particular order...

  • I shut down my home lab - honestly I wasn't doing much with it and by shutting things down I figure that I saved a bit of money in electricity.
  • I managed to figure out how continuous testing might work with a simple PowerShell module.
  • At work, I've begun to build more comprehensive PowerShell modules - including some cool infrastructure ones that include dll assemblies to bundle pre-requisite modules.
  • Holy crap, did you know that PowerShell 5.0 has something called Just Enough Administration (more on that later possibly).
  • I decided to spin back up the home lab and further isolate my VLAN 30 (now dedicated homelab) network traffic from the rest of my network. This is very easy to implement with my EdgeRouter Lite setup. (I followed this guide)
  • CoreOS is working again, and I've started a blog specifically to cover the Dev-Ops-y things that I've been working on (Over at Dev Meets Ops)
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